Ethical Issues in My Profession:

Within the engineering aspect, the major ethical issue is companies selling their data collected from their users to other companies.  However, when the companies to sell our information it is very generalize statistics such as: gender, age group, etc. Still companies do have access to some personal information. Cheetah Mobile on the other hand, does not sell your information but instead uses advisements which and be irritating sometimes.

Educational Breadth as Professional Development

I do believe, especially after this trip, that one should broaden their horizons in their education especial with our globalizing world. After this trip, I am considering doing co-ops out in China, and I will most likely take courses on Chinese history, economics, and take a year of Chinese.

Lifelong Learning, Continuing Education as Professional Development

Once I receive my degree I will still see myself wanting to learn more every day. Right now, I am taking Mac Sullivan’s advice and started reading again, this time reading more books about business trends and topics that relates to my field. Now I am reading ‘Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies”.

The Social Environment of Professional Life:

With younger people now starting to enter the work force and replacing people who have been part of the business for 30+ years. There is a trend now of companies creating an environment that is more relaxing for the workers but still productive by implement more collaboration such as Cheetah Mobile’s office where they call themselves a “Silicon-Valley” company.

Functioning on Multi-Displinary Teams:

With the class being half business and half engineers you could see the clichés form at first, but after a day or two some of those barriers broke down. And for working on the project it was having the team being half business and half engineering so they could divide the work that fits their skills. However, I will say though that, yes I am an engineer and you are a business major but we still have to know about each other’s field. This will make communication and understanding each other a lot better than living in our own separate worlds.

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