Augsburg, Apfelsaft, und Danke Schön | Reflection

A Reflection

The Plus3 Germany Program was the prefect opportunity for me to continue my academic pursuits and gain international exposure, early in my college careers. The Germany location provided me the ability to tour several automotive manufacturing factories, and attain insight into the engineering industry and international business. I was able to not only learn, but experience the authentic customs and traditions of the German culture, by interacting with many of the locals and visiting several historical landmarks and monuments in Southern Germany.

Academically, this has only furthered my interest to study abroad again in the future. The opportunity to work alongside students from the University of Augsburg was remarkable. It has created long-lasting friendships and opened the door to numerous possibilities in the future.

Germany was a perfect location for the Plus3 program. Touring the facilities of several automotive manufacturers and learning from each company, from both a business and engineering perspective has changed positively changed my plans for the future.

I would like to thank Dr. Feick and Brad for being the absolute best program coordinators and organizing a beneficial an unforgettable journey. Also, to the Center of Supply Chain Management for supporting me along this venture.  Finally, I would like to thank my family for encouraging me to expand my horizons internationally and granting me the opportunity of a lifetime. This experience has truly developed my interest to explore the automotive industry as a business career path and hopefully it will be the first of my study abroad ventures.

Germany has the world’s best Apfelsaft.

I am anxious to know where in the world my studies will take me again.

Danke Schön Deutschland.

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