Day 1: Exhaustion

Day 1 was hard to get through! I have been so tired since we arrived. However, getting to meet some of the locals tonight made me super excited for these next two weeks! The people we got to meet tonight were some of the most polite people I have ever met. I was not expecting people to be so kind. They also use very different phrases then I was expecting.  When saying goodbye to someone we had just met, he said, “God bless you.” Seeing as that is not a regular phase we use to say goodbye in the US, it was strange to here yet also very nice.

Hayley has been such a huge help on this trip already. She gave me so much information about how we could potentially get concert tickets or at least go somewhere to hear the live music. She also gave several restaurant suggestions. While she and I were in the elevator (or lift) together, she asked me what I wanted to see during my time in Dublin. She then gave me a lot of information about when to go to these places and also made several suggestions of her own. She made me feel very comfortable for my first time in Europe, and I know she is going to be such a big help in the next two weeks.

Sussanne was also extremely helpful to meet during our first day in Ireland. Her PowerPoint really helped me understand more about the Irish culture and what we can expect during our time here. I recall reading how the Irish can tend to “dance around” a topic and make small talk. In the US, we are very straightforward and tend to be very to-the-point. While meeting a few locals tonight, I found this all to be very true. I really like how the Irish care so much about being polite before beginning a conversation. She also mentioned how you never just enter a room to ask a question, you should knock and ask how the other person is before starting any kind of conversation. I think this information will help us to fit in better and be more respectful of the Irish Culture.

So far, this trip seems to be going amazingly! I cannot think of a better group to be here with or better advisors to be helping us along the way. During our walking tour tomorrow,  I hope to gain a better “lay of the land” and feel even more comfortable in our new city! Can’t wait for all the memories this trip will bring. cathedral day 1.jpg

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