After a lengthy and tiresome journey through two airports and two time zones, we finally arrived in Dublin this morning at 9am. We began our day with a much needed lunch at the Chorus Cafe to rest and fuel up for our local neighborhood walking tour and orientation at Trinity College. We discussed the cultural nuances of the languages spoken here in Dublin and clarified the meaning of chips/fries vs. crisps/chips in Europe.

At Trinity College our program leaders Hayley and Susanne went over the expectations for the next couple weeks and let us in on the way of life of the Irish. She mentioned how the Irish cherish all things creative, especially music and film, and the laid back and friendly nature of Dubliners.

After my first couple hours in the city, I’d have to agree that the people of Dublin are exceptionally sweet and more than willing to converse with tourists. I look forward to experiencing more of what Ireland has to offer!


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