Day Two: First Impressions

Today we met the Augsburg students for the first time. We took the tram directly to the university where we were introduced to the German students. It was different than home because you are riding on the tram and then suddenly you have arrived at the university. In Pittsburgh we can see the Cathedral of Learning from miles away. As soon as we arrived we were introduced to our groupmates and then we immediately started working on our company presentation. We were assigned KUKA, which has its headquarters here in Augsburg.

After we completed our presentations we were given a meal ticket to eat at the university’s cafeteria. To my surprise the food and atmosphere were both excellent. The cafeteria offered many different types of food ranging from Indian food to Bavarian food. The best part of the cafeteria was the German student’s opinions. They did not think much of it, in fact most of them were surprised how much we loved it. They do not understand the feeling of eating pizza from Market Central for the 3rd day in a row.

After the excellent meal at the cafeteria we then met with four graduate students who are coming to Pittsburgh for the fall semester. When we first met the graduate students one of them mentioned that he was a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers. On this tour he was wearing his Antonio Brown jersey. This was exciting for me because I am a die hard Steelers fan and it was amazing to find a fan all the way in Germany. After I had calmed down, they gave us a tour of the university and it was interesting to see the differences between college in America compared to Germany. There is no on campus housing at the university, so the students must find their own way to the university. This is possible because of the excellent public transportation system in the city. Also, the Augsburg campus is filled with a ton of green space. They even have a large pond with a stream running through the campus. They also had a large recreation area fit with a football field, rock climbing wall, and a ropes course.

After the campus tour, the graduate students split us into two groups gave us a packet of questions that we could answer by looking around Augsburg and asking questions to locals. We even saw our tour guide from the fuggerei and she was able to help us with our questions. This scavenger hunt brought us to another church with incredible architecture and detail.

Along the way we stopped for ice cream and I was able to use some of the German I had learned in high school: I ordered my ice cream in German. Finally, the language I was forced to learn in high school is helpful. I am sure that my German was not so good, but they were able to understand me.

When we reached the final destination, the Riegele Brewery, I expected the other team to be close behind. I was wrong. We waited almost an hour for them to show up. We tied the other group because we answered the same amount of questions, but I thought we won since we answered an hour sooner.


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