Germany Day 9: Kuka

We began today by traveling to the University to have a political talk. I was under the assumption that this would be another boring college lecture, but I was wrong. Once again, my expectations were shattered. I found the talk to be very interesting and intriguing. Considering I didn’t really enjoy history or politics, I was very engaged for most of this lecture. It was cool to see how Germany’s politics are changing from middle to right, and how this could impact their future. It was also cool to see how closely Germany’s politics are mirroring that of the United States. In the end, I’d say this was definitely not a typical college lecture.

Afterword, we departed to Kuka, a robotics supplier to BMW. The beginning of the visit was the coolest out of any other: there was a “showcase” room where many robots where displayed. There was a cool presentation using robotic arms and lights, and even a small model of some of Kuka’s newest inventions. This fun came to an abrupt end when some students (not to name names, but Jeremy) touched a robot, and it shut down the whole show. This was a odd case of foreshadowing, because the rest of the visit kind of went downhill from there.

The factory tour was cool, but the tour guide was a little bland. Her presentation and explanations of production weren’t the best and kind of put me to sleep. The one redeeming quality of the tour was that it was… ROBOTS! I know nerdy engineer here, but it was super cool to see the production of robots using their own products. Also, similar to BMW, the robots whipped around very quickly, and it was cool to see how they all worked together so that they produce efficiently and won’t collide.

The Q & A session was very informational, but also very long. I enjoyed it, but the length was a little bit over the top. Overall, the tour to Kuka was decent, not the best, but definitely not the worst. After all, it was Monday, so things went pretty well overall.

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