Final Reflection

The Pitt Plus3 program was a time that was full of learning and adventure. I got to learn things inside and outside of the academic spectrum. From making new friends and working together on making  China a greener country to traveling the cities by subway and learning how to communicate without language. The trip was amazing and I would not have wanted to go anywhere else and I was able to enjoy this trip to the fullest thanks to the award I received from the Thomas Angelo Honors Scholarship. This award helped relieve some of the monetary stress that comes with paying for these kinds of trips and allowed me to have more money in China so that I could travel around the cities and bring back gifts for my friends and family. Receiving the award also pushed me to work harder academically during the trip so that I could show their money was not going to waste. It also showed me that working hard and keeping your grades up can pay off and will help me in the years to come as I apply for more abroad programs and apply for scholarships. For my future at Pitt, I plan to continue getting involved in many business related clubs and activities to get outside the curriculum experience and also start taking classes that revolve around my major to help improve my skills that I can bring into the workplace. I would like to thank Thomas Angelo Honors Scholarships for helping me reach my goal of one day making it to China and for inspiring me to work harder as a student. One day, I hope that I can also help students achieve their study abroad goals and change their lives the same way that my life was changed by this trip.

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