Reflecting on China sitting on the Speed Train

Yesterday was our last full day in Xi’an. Today, we traveled to Shanghai by speed train. I am sitting on the speed train as I am writing this, my head slightly leaning on the window and just reflecting.


I love China. Except I am not in love with the high rise buildings, superb facilities, or its millions of people. I am in love with the little huts I see while we are zipping through the rural areas. I am in love with the dirt roads that could tell us miraculous stories of faith, truth, hardship, and the innovation that has occurred on its either side. I am in love with the farms that grow everything you could possibly think of. I am in love with its farmers, who I can see working on the farms in the scorching summer heat without any complaints, just thankful for what they have. I am in love with the tiny swamps and rivers that are sprinkled with colorful boats in hues of purple, red, and orange, across the countryside. I am in love with the rows and rows are small homes that are filled with happy families inside who are preserving their authentic Chinese culture. I am in love with the many different shades of green that line the countryside in rows of steps. I am in love with the mountains that are always in the backdrops, always seemingly in my reach but never is. I am in love with how the land looks vast and endless, and all you can see is greenery for miles and miles to come. I am in love with how flowers are on every corner, and how scenic everything is. To me, all of this is the beauty of China, not the endless skyrise buildings or the beautiful technology.


After we stepped off the train, we went to see the rest of our friends in the Pudong District!! I was extremely looking forward to this part of the trip, as we have heard and seen so many pictures of the Pudong district but never got a chance to actually see it in person. In addition, it was nice to see that everyone was all better and rested for the rest of the trip. We went into a tall building in the Pudong District to see a beautiful interactive museum explaining the rich history of Shanghai. It is amazing to see how every city in China has its own unique culture despite being one unified force, and how there are slight nuances and differences within each area.


After the museum tour, we went to go see the cruise tour in the Shanghai Pudong District, and omg it was beautiful! It was like we were in a world of our own, and everywhere you looked, it was more beautiful than the last. As I mentioned earlier, there are some sights that you cannot capture in a picture, and this was yet another one of those sights. I can still feel the feeling of going to a quiet place on the boat and just soaking in all of the view and what the modern city of Shanghai has to offer.


Today was a tiring, yet extremely exciting day, and I am excited to see where the rest of the time takes us!


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