From one city to another

My name is Sarayu Sivaram and I am a freshman at the University of Pittsburgh. I am currently studying Finance and possibly Business Information Systems in the College of Business Administration. I am also considering a minor in Spanish and also a possible International Business Certificate. At Pitt, I am currently involved in Women in Business that has allowed me the opportunity to grow professionally, meet more people in the business school and taught me a great deal about interactions in a business setting.

I am from Wilmington, Delaware but have travelled a lot to places like India, where I spent various childhood summers, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Canada and various other places within the United States as well. When traveling to places like Puerto Rico and Mexico, I loved getting the chance to practice speaking in Spanish and these experiences have prompted me to consider pursuing a Spanish minor as well. I hope to continue to practice Spanish in Argentina after two semesters of Spanish at Pitt and in the future, study abroad for a longer period of time at a Spanish speaking country as well. Overall, my time spent in India over the summers and various other trips has taught me how to adapt to new experiences and situations, while placing me outside of my comfort zone. I believe I will experience something similar in Argentina and continue to grow as a global-minded student through Pitt Plus 3.

I remember first learning about the Pitt Plus3 Program when visiting Pitt and attending a Pitt Business information session. I saw Argentina on the list of possible places to travel to through Pitt Plus3, I was immediately excited as I have never been to South America before. In addition to being intrigued by the prospect of going somewhere I’ve always wanted to go to, I was also interested by the option to learn about Healthcare Management in a global setting by studying the healthcare system of Argentina. I am excited to learn about how businesses and healthcare institutions interact through our various site visits and lectures throughout our time in Buenos Aires, especially after reading and learning about their unique system these past few months. As a professional, I hope to learn about a different career field that I am not familiar with and even possibly be prompted to pursue a career in healthcare management in the future. Many members of my family are involved in careers related to healthcare as my mother and grandfather are both physicians. My grandpa owns a medical clinic in India, but somehow, I had never really considered the management side of healthcare but am now excited to do so.  I also hope to learn how to interact with businesses on an international scale and how to carry myself as a business professional in an unfamiliar setting. I am so excited to learn about the culture of Buenos Aires, and experience the food, art and lifestyle of life in Argentina. In addition, I am excited for all the various site visits and cultural excursions to places like La Boca or even polo matches that I would never have the opportunity to experience without Pitt’s Plus3 Program. 

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