Ciao, Duomo!

Starting off day two in Milan was very exciting for me because I got a great night of rest and woke up ready to enjoy the day. After breakfast, we had an Italian crash course where we got to learn a lot about the Italian culture and language. It was a bit difficult at first because I wanted to use Spanish pronunciations, since I’m familiar with the language, but many words were slightly different. I also found it very interesting that Italian also has formal and informal greetings, which I’m glad I learned today so I can be sure not to accidentally offend anyone while I’m here. After the crash course, we headed out on a walking tour of Milan, which was by far my favorite part of the day.

The first part of our walking tour took us through a business/residential district, with amazing architecture that included modern and traditional styles. Some that stood out to me again were the buildings that had trees growing on the outside of them. My favorite part of the walking tour was while we were walking from the business district to the more retail district, and I looked to my right and could see the Alps so clearly. It was surreal to me how I could be standing beside a skyscraper, while also being within sight of such a beautiful mountain range. As we walked through the retail district, you could really get a sense of how important fashion is to the Italian people because many of the stores were not urban wear, but more high fashion. At the end of the tour, we got to see Duomo di Milano which is an ancient church that lies at the heart of the city. It was extremely beautiful and I marveled at the extensive detail put into every single sculpture. It was truly amazing, and I see why it took 300 years to finish building.

I am excited to get a chance to meet some Italian students tomorrow and learn a little bit more about supply chain management. Ciao!

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