Day 3: Fashion and Innovation

Day 3 was a very full day where I feel like I really learned a lot about what Italy has brought the world in terms of fashion and innovation. We started the day with a lecture about the fashion industry and sustainability from an expert in the field who also works with the United Nations. One of the biggest things she taught me was the difference between fashion and luxury. I have always grouped the two together and used both words interchangeably, but she explained how fashion has seasonal trends and designers which use a fashion pipeline, while luxury is timeless and usually consists of high end pieces like watches, cars, yachts, etc. It was also very shocking to me when she began to explain why the fashion industry is the second largest source of pollution in the world, and told us that it takes 10,000 liters of water to make one pair of jeans. This was actually mind blowing, and due to the high demand for products like these, the water will continue to be used on that grand of a scale.

After the lecture, we went on a tour of the UniversitĂ  Cattolica del Sacro Cuore which was very interesting. I found it very interesting that the school itself was built in the 1400’s but wasn’t made into a school until the 1920’s. It was amazing to see a building stand the test of time like that and still remain beautiful. They also had their superstitions just like many other schools, and they believe that if you walk directly through the center of the main courtyard, then you won’t graduate.

The final part of the day was our visit to the Museo nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia. This is a museum dedicated to some of the technology developed by Leonardo Da Vinci and other people around his time period. This was probably my favorite part of the day because I am a huge fan of Da Vinci’s art but I never knew about this side of him. Not only was he a skilled artist but he was also an exceptional engineer with ahead of his time ideas. This really caught my attention, and is something that I will definitely do my own research on in the future.

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