BREAKOUT… Luckily this time it’s not my face

The layover in Charlotte for 3 days turned into what is actually a blessing! We were able to gain a extra site visit and 2 new connections! For one, our Hyatt hotel staff knew a Wells Fargo recruiter and is willing to put us in contact! While for the 2nd, we got to visit THE Global HQ for Bank of America! Which was amazing to me, as they can put me in contact with Merril Lynch for future opportunities outside of America!

This however, is not a post about this, that will come tomorrow! Today I am posting about the AWESOME team building experience I had with my study abroad group! My group specifically got to enter the Murder Mansion one, and there were some interesting roles my fellow classmates fell into. Chad was incredible about looking for clues while the others focused on the main. While I attempted to take the lead than realized it would be better if other players got to head things, and then I could add my input later.

Also, during it, we thought we heard a sound that turned out to be a recording, but I was sent to charge through a door to defend the others, haha!

The most interesting take away to me, was that I was the only player that knew how to play Chess. This was great to note, as I plan on teaching my classmates when we get to Dublin, at least the ones in my group! Hopefully a new corporate skill for them.

Overall, had a amazing time and am very thankful to Pitt for the experience! Unexpected but the leadership of Chris and Liz, with Crisis management with the cancellation has been amazing. Very pleased with CBA and their handling of the situation from a business perspective. I look forward to seeing how they handle the intially proposed itineray and the rest of the trip.

Regardless of that, the culture of our group is amazing, and I feel the issue of the flight has turned into a close-nit group that will be even better in Ireland than without the issue. Great time and can’t wait to spend time with them in Ireland!

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