Becoming a True Italian

We had another long but exciting day today. It started off again with croissants in the hotel and then we took the metro to Lineapelle. This company specializes in different kinds of leather products. It was a bit confusing to figure out what they actually did, but it seemed like they try to get people to understand more about the leather industry and deal with the leather itself to make it ready to be made into products. This company visit was really cool because we were able to touch all the different kinds of animal leather ranging from cows to kangaroo to fish. It was definitely interesting to touch and feel this kind of leather, but it was a little creepy to do at first. I really found it interesting that 99.5% of their leather comes from animals that are being killed for the food industry anyway, so we shouldn’t feel as bad about the leather industry killing animals. I also was very surprised by how many different animals were used for leather products.

After we left Lineapelle, we were able to get lunch on our own. Ellie and I decided to break off from the rest of the groups, and we were able to find this small authentic Italian restaurant kind of tucked away so it was filled with many local Italian people. We were very excited because when we walked in they spoke to us in Italian until we held up 2 fingers for how many people we had and that’s when they realized we weren’t from there. The person at the front said “Oh hi I thought you were Italian when you first came in. Welcome to Milan.” This was really cool for us because most of the other times we have gone places, the Italian people have been able to tell right away that we are not from there. For lunch we ate pasta with a creamy pea sauce and bacon. Although this is not something I would usually try, it was absolutely delicious, and I am so happy we were able to find a local restaurant. Afterwards we went to get a cannoli and headed back on the metro to our next place to visit.

The next place was a fashion library. This was basically a large room filled with thousands of old magazines. At this point we were all tired so we did not take advantage of it as much as we should have, but basically there was a short tour and then we had some free time to look at the magazines. The magazines were interesting because they were supposed to show some inspiration to fashion students and brands that wanted to look at old trends. After this we headed back for a quick nap before our next lecture.

This lecture was very interesting. A woman from Velasca came to talk about the business model of her company. At first, I was not looking forward to hearing this presentation, but when she started talking, I became very interested. It was so cool how they are starting to work the digital marketing to get more customers and how they were able to take the same quality of shoe and make it so much cheaper. After the presentation, we are planning on going out to get some more pizza. So excited for tomorrow!

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