Day 6: Leather & the Library

Good evening! Today, we took the metro to the Lineappelle leather consortium. I’ve learned that I love taking the Milan metro! There is no accessible subway system in my hometown, and I find that taking the metro is very interesting because I get to see new people every time and I also see if I can balance myself while it’s moving without holding on to anything.

Lineappelle was a unique experience. We received a presentation about Lineapelle’s presence in the fashion world, and then discussed how the Italian leather industry operates. We learned about how the industry is circular, because it uses leather from animals that would otherwise be consumed in the food industry. They claimed that this helps their industry become more sustainable, because they are using parts of animals that would otherwise be considered waste. Additionally, we learned how leather anatomy is very important in its design process, as the grain side (skin of animal exposed to air) has a pattern unique to each specific kind of animal. The pattern affects the aesthetic of the finished product design. We even got to feel unique typologies of leather, including kangaroo, ostrich, reptile, and fish!

For lunch, a small group of us went to Pasto, a quaint eatery 15 minutes from Lineappelle. I think this meal was one of the best I’ve had in my entire life. The restaurant specializes in homemade pasta, and we ordered the gnogli and tagliatelle. Mine was covered in a light, creamy, pepper sauce and I enjoyed every bite. The menu changes each day because they make their pasta dishes by hand, and we were so lucky we were able to find this restaurant — we will definitely come back again (thanks Lia)! Then, we made our way back to the main group and met a friend along the way (pictured below).

Gnogli from Pasto.

Afterwards, we took the metro to the Milan Fashion Library. There, we examined collections in their archive, and took a tour of their building. Then, we had a lecture with a representative from Velasca. Founded in 2012, the company sells handcrafted men’s shoes produced in Italy. The lecture focused on global digital marketing and their business model, which is vertically integrated.

Later, we had Italian grocery store snacks and enjoyed a beautiful Friday night in Milan!

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