La Belleza de Monte Verde

 It was a long bus ride but well worth it!  The view here at Monte Verde is breathtaking, and I’m told that the rainforests are teeming with wildlife.  As we made our way up the mountain, I was treated to gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean and vast expanses of rural farmland.  The communities we passed through seemed to be both less concentrated and more spread out than the ones I was used in Heredia and San Jose.  I also noticed that there were fewer sodas and pulperías and far more animals, including horses, cows, chickens, goats and oxen.  

Since arriving here in Costa Rica, my understanding of the country has changed a lot and become significantly richer and more in-depth.  I am able to experience first-hand the things I read or learned about in the classroom.  For example, I knew that Costa Rica placed a priority on conserving their land and taking care of their wildlife.  However, now that I am here and getting to see it all for myself, it is easy to see why.  With such a beautiful country, I think it would be hard to destroy the nature here in exchange for, say, more cities and man-made buildings.

I can’t believe I’m here in Monte Verde, and I can’t wait to spend the next couple days getting to explore!

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