Fashionable Last Day in Milan

Today we focused on the shopping culture that stems from the world-famous brands centered in Milan. Our first stop was 10 Corso Como, the city’s most luxury concept fashion store, named after the street on which it lives. As we walked through the vibrant, plant- laden entrance, I immediately knew that this is more than just a clothing store. The multi floor building holds a coffee shop and bookstore along with the expected fashion boutique. Our guide explained that only the rarest and most valuable designer pieces can be displayed within the walls. Looking around, I recognized many of the brands (Gucci, Prada, Chanel) but none of the pieces themselves. Everything seemed unique, with the brightest color schemes and most eye-catching designs. Next, I strolled up the winding staircase and into the bookstore, which mirrored the theme of the clothing store, but sold only books varying in topics like fashion to even rock and roll music. As we left, I lamented holding back on some of the more distinctive items, but the price tags spoke too loudly to be ignored. 

            Next, we embarked on a walking tour of Milan’s legendary fashion district. I couldn’t help but appreciate that this tour took place on Saturday, as we witnessed thousands of age-varying locals ambling the store-laden streets. Had it of been a weekday, many of them would be working or at school. Many of the stores in this district are the flagship retail centers for many of Italy’s most eminent brands. Within a mile radius, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, and dozens more distinguished names rest above store fronts. Although comparatively short, today was a fantastic day to end our week in Milan. Tomorrow we travel to our next destination… Verona!

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