Lineapple, Fashion Library, & Velasco: Day 6

Today was a very busy day. We went to the Lineapple Leather Company, the Milan Fashion Library, and had a company visit from Velasco.

Lineapple was a very unique company to see as they spoke mostly about types of leather and their sustainability rather than the actual functions of their company and business model. It was reassuring to hear the actual ways they are sustainable, like using skin from animals destined for the food industry, rather than just stating they were. In the supply chain, Lineapple serves as leather distributors to other countries as well as a meeting ground for their exhibitions. They are connected to many industries as customers and distributors, like the food, clothing, furniture, and auto industry. Similarly, Lineapple has expanded and has a branch in New York City which operates in a similar manner. Overall, Lineapple was a very unique place to see, but getting to touch all the fabrics was a… different experience.

Lineapple Leather Samples

The Milan Fashion Library was an amazing place. Inside there were tons of records, look books, and magazines recording the history of fashion in Italy. This was able to show us the evolution of styles and trends in Italy and also provides insight on future fashions for designers. I was surprised to hear that gala dinner events were hosted there however, because the space was very small and crowded with all the records.

Milan Fashion Library

To finish off the day we had a company come talk about their business in the hotel. The woman from Velasco gave a very interesting lecture about what Velasco focuses on. Their current goal is expansion; although they have their online store, they want to continue opening more brick and mortar locations in multiple regions of Italy, and even more countries. Velasco also focuses on customer satisfaction, specifically comfort while shopping in hopes of generating an atmosphere that customers would want to return to. A lot of the time in the United States this is not the priority as many people prioritize speed and efficiency. Another difference is that Velasco focuses on marketing rather than their business model because they are trying to get their name out there in the first place since it is a smaller store.

Overall, today was a very busy business day and I cannot wait to walk and shop through the fashion district tomorrow.

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