Twenty Thousand Steps a Day Keeps the Carbs Away

Today was a pretty relaxing day; we visited 10 Corso Como and went on a fashion walking tour this morning. We did not really get a tour of 10 Corso Como, so we just looked around ourselves for a while. The store describes itself as a “interactive, living magazine.” It was almost like looking at art, and it reminded me of designer Anthropologie. I really enjoyed the visit, however, I wish there was more information presented to us by someone from the company.

The fashion walking tour was pleasant. The weather was mild and fairly sunny which was nice as we strolled the streets of the fashion district while hearing about history and the area. Afterwards a group of us had lunch at a restaurant which our trip tour guide recommended which was great. We walk SO much during this trip and I constantly find myself hungry and thirsty. For example, I walked 20,000 steps today… and that is not uncommon!

So the craziest part of the day came after lunch… We were waiting for some friends outside of a store with a beautiful façade with a doorway surrounded by flowers. It looked like an event was occurring so we did not make an effort to enter, but after a few minutes of us staring an employee who spoke English approached us. She invited us to the event in the makeup store which was a makeup demonstration by the makeup artist of a local influencer, Chiara Ferragni. About 20-25 people watched the demonstration, but afterwards the store flooded with people. The employee informed us that people would be doing hair and makeup on people, there would be snacks and drinks, and a professional photographer would be taking peoples photos… all for free! We had portraits taken by Clay for L.A., an American man! Also, we got free samples! It was such an unexpected, fun experience that just fell right into our laps.

I cannot believe that the trip is halfway over, but I am making the most of my time here. Looking forward to traveling to Verona tomorrow!


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