Don Silvano

To all the high schoolers that are considering coming to the University of Pittsburgh, allow me to introduce you one of the one of the most phenomenal programs that our school offers-Plus3 Argentina 
Other than the crucial information you will be able to acquire from this trip regarding the Argentinian health care and its culture. You are presented with a once of a life time of visiting a local ranch and learning about the Gaucho culture of Buenos Aires. 
Gaucho is a race of the known race called Mestizos, a mix of the Native American and the Immigrant European blood. Gauchos are known for their horse riding and knife fighting skills. On this cultural visit, you are presented with a peaceful and ranch, followed by a satisfying feast of the local cuisine and finished with a Gaucho performance with their horses. 
The ranch is a calming place of escape from the city and its chaos. As soon as you arrive to the ranch, you are welcomed with the most heart-warning empanadas as well as a historical tour of the ranch, offering you a deeper understanding into the Gaucho lifestyle. 
At one o’clock, you are invited to a local feast filled with local cuisine such as steak, chicken, and the world-known flan as dessert. You also get to tango your worries away with the beautiful local hosts who will teach you how to dance with passion. If you get lucky, you might just get serenaded to in Spanish by one of the local singers. 
Last but not least, you are treated with an exciting horse racing race and varies horse racing games. In this one ring game in particular, should a local Gaucho will the game, he will offer it to a lucky lady, which in turn gives him a kiss, and should there be a man that accompanies this lucky lady, he is to kiss the gaucho’s horse in return. All and all, this is undoubtedly one of the most eye-opening experiences you will have. 
Other than the summary of today, I would like to write something for my mother who is the most genuine lady in this world. Thank you for all the sacrifices you have made for me and all the faith you have in me all along. I will not only dedicate my life to show my appreciation for you and my family, but focus on creating a better environment for all of us.

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