May 6 – Augsgang Is Awake Now

After a good night’s sleep, we started the second day off by taking the tram to the Universität Augsburg, where we created company presentations with the German students. The twist was that we had about an hour and a half to create the presentation, which included research on the company. While the German students had already been friendly and nice to talk to, they were also great to work with. Our group, SGL, divided up the work based on our areas of study and interests. Personally, I’ve always enjoyed researching scandals, so I was happy that I got to research SGL’s price fixing case. The next hour and a half went smoothly, with our group dividing up the research and working efficiently. When presentation time came, I was a little nervous, having not had the chance to practice reading my slide. Thankfully, the presentation went very smoothly.

Next, we ate lunch in the Mensa, the cafeteria of the Universität. Market Central could not compare. The food was amazing and varied – I ate rice with curry and more traditional German asparagus. The dining hall was so spacious and clean and actually had windows and natural light (wow!). I really enjoyed eating in it. Unfortunately, there was no coffee in the cafeteria itself; it needed to be bought downstairs with money on the university cards, which had been handed out to us but I had not had time to put money on it. Thankfully, one of the very kind German students, Fiona, bought me coffee with her university card. I was very appreciative.  

Frank and the Mensa

Next, we took a walking tour of the Universität, which was lead by one of the graduate students. The campus was very spacious and felt very modern, mostly because of the artsy and colorful architecture. We got to see some more of the school during the scavenger hunt, which was the next part of our day. Two of the grad students lead our group around Augsburg – first at the Universität and later in the town center – where we again visited the Dom. We again walked through the church slowly, looking at the stained-glass windows and the art on the walls. We also saw some of the city’s most iconic buildings – the Town Hall and the St. Ulrich and St. Afra Basilica. After some statue re-creations, which took some creativity, it was time to sample non-alcoholic beer. We walked into a large brewery and sat at two long tables. We sampled three types of beer – IPA, regular, and wheat. My personal favorite was the regular.

Universitat Augsburg lecture hall!

Dinner was at an Italian restaurant called Dragone. I was happy to see my favorite panini – Caprese – as a personal pizza on the menu. Despite some mishaps with the language barrier between ourselves and the staff, dinner was a great success.  

I went back to the hotel happy with the day and looking forward to our first company visit tomorrow.

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