Fourthrecia-it was our fourth company (Day 6)

On this fine morning, we had breakfast at the hotel and took the street car to our fourth company, Faurecia. I made a change and tried a croissant with strawberry jelly, which was of course, phenomenal. It was not a long ride, but when we got there it did seem a lot smaller than the other three companies we visited. I think the company is smaller in terms of the number of employees compared to other companies, but the site we visited only had a R&D sector adding to why this site was smaller. We first received a tour of the factory and got to see where they develop their technology and test the sound levels and quality of their products. During our visit, the most interesting part was getting to see the sound proof room where they test the audio quality.

the Faurecia group at the company visit

After that, we listened to a presentation done by the talent acquisition manager at that site. They have a significant amount of locations on multiple continents. I enjoyed our visit there, but with the experience I had there, I did not learn as much as I did at the companies such as Audi or Hirschvogel. While we were there, I got to try a pretzel with butter, and it actually was a lot better than just a plain pretzel, at least to me. One thing I have observed is that they have apple and orange juice everywhere, which I am definitely not complaining about. It just surprises me because I did not realize that apple juice was so popular in Germany, another popular drink is sparkling apple juice.

After the presentation, we then headed to the University of Augsburg for a talk on German politics.

one of the pathways at the University of Augsburg

Before the lecture we had a break of about an hour and a half and we first decided to the university store. This was nothing like the university store at Pitt, which is filled with Pitt themed items, clothes, and other school supplies, their store was contained inside two glass cases. This tells a lot about the culture regarding school spirit. At Pitt, you cannot walk down a street without seeing someone wearing Pitt spirit wear but here I have not seen a single person wearing a piece of University of Augsburg apparel. In addition, the German students are confused on why we wear so much Pitt apparel. We then proceeded to eat at the Mensa, where I got a salad, German French fries (this almost sounds fake because I am mentioning two ethnicities, but I swear it’s not), and peach yogurt. The French fries were made differently American French fries as ours are longer and thinner and the German fries were in the circular shaped but folded. The yogurt was also different as it wasn’t fully flavored and an orangey color like American yogurt, whereas the German yogurt is flavored a lot lighter and has fewer fruit chunks in it. My Mensa experience has been pretty good overall, and I like that they have so many options and light shinging in the dining hall.

My meal at the Mensa

The talk as given by Sebastion Geßler who first studied in Augsburg for his undergraduate degree, completed his masters in Canada, came back to teach at the University of Augsburg, and now works in politics outside of academia. In his presentation, he first gave us a background on German politics and how their government works. He also went into detail on the Bavarian political system, and I thought this was interesting as in the United States we focus so much on the federal government and rarely talk about the state’s system of government. I am glad we had a chance to listen to his lecture, we proceeded to work on our company presentations some more afterwards. The German students have a similar work ethic to us, and I think we all work well together, each of us being respectful and cooperative. I worked for a bit on my blogs and then decided to go to Vapiano’s for dinner. I got a bruschetta pizza which was interesting but pretty good, but overall, I could be picking better toppings for my pizzas on this trip. 

my bruschetta pizza

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