Coffee Research and the Cost

Because the coffee trade is so important to Costa Rica, it makes sense that they spend the resources and money to protect and continue the research of the coffee development. I looked at today from a more economic perspective. The very presence of the ICAFE showed how much the country needs to see the coffee industry continue to thrive. Not only does the industry provide a lot of exports for the country, in fact almost all of the coffee they produce is exported, it also provides a great number jobs. Employment in turn leads people to staying in the country and spending their money there. This in turn helps other businesses and sectors to thrive.

You could make the argument that Costa Rica is giving up all of its good coffee to other nations but I really do not believe this is restricting the Costa Ricans from purchasing it if they so desired. If there truly was a market for the extreme quality of coffee then businesses would recognize this and create a market that catered to this group of people. However, this has not happened. What the Costa Rican’s do receive is the benefit of a thriving industry. The taxes that come from the industry help to fund the school system and public works. The farmers get the benefit of professional scientists analyzing their soil for them to help increase their annual yield. In short, they are left with a government that is committed to their long term success and I would argue that this is more important to the Costa Rican’s then a slightly better cup of coffee. Operating in an environment where the government is not friendly to your business can be extremely difficult.

John Boyle

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