Last city in South Korea

Another day, another city. This morning, we went to Hyundai Motor company in Ulsan after packing our bags to travel to Busan immediately after the visit ended. At Hyundai, we watched their promotional video and then visited Factory 3 out of their 7 factories. Their facilities stretched over 5 million square meters and can finish approximately 5,800 units a day. The math works out to about 1 car per 10 seconds. The tour guide explained that the car building process has 4 parts: stamping, welding, painting, and assembly and how the entire process only takes about 30 hours. We also visited their own personal shipping yard where cars are shipped around the world. The US is the largest export while Japan is one of the lowest with 2-3 cars per year. Unfortunately no pictures we’re allowed in the factory, but we were able to take pictures in the show room.

Genesis G90

After Hyundai, we drove to Busan, one of Korea’s coastal cities. As soon as we got to Busan, we went to its most popular beach, Haeundae. This was the cleanest and most beautiful beach I had ever seen. Even though it was literally next to a city, the water was clear and there was no trash anywhere to be seen. Then we went to the hotel to drop off our things and traveled to Song-do, one of Busan’s lesser known beaches. This beach was also gorgeous but it was partly under construction so it was not as clean as Haeundae. A group of us went to a small island off of Busan via air tram. There we hiked all over the mountain to the observatory at the top. From here we could see the entire city slowly lighting up after the sunset.

Busan after sunset

We then traveled to the bottom of the mountain to have dinner with Dr. Yun. We weren’t expecting it but he had prepared a very interesting dinner. We would be having live octopus. The octopus was still squirming around the plate when we got it. When you took a bite, you could feel the suckers sticking everywhere it could like your tongue, teeth, and cheek. Oddly enough, it was actually really delicious with the natural sea salt from the ocean flavoring the octopus.

Live octopus

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