Should I Switch Schools?

I am starting to feel sickness creep up on me, but I am trying to stay strong for my remaining time in Italy. I want to enjoy every minute of it. Today’s visits in Verona were very interesting and even helped me forget I’m not feeling well. First stop: New Academy of Design, or NAD. Apparently, the universities in Italy do not have specific fashion or design majors; rather, students can specialize in those studies with a literature major. It seems really cool to learn about fashion from a literature perspective, using modern cinema to analyze trends or understanding the expression by clothes from the novel Orlando by Virginia Woolf. However, it is not enough for those who really want to educate themselves in fashion or design. This is where NAD comes in. They offer these education plans, at several different levels (including masters), for students who want to become experts in architectural design, garden design, interior design, visual design and more. Fashion-based students also work to design clothing and accessories and can physically create the ideas they sketched. We had a couple students show us their work in their fashion creations. We also had a couple students showing us their interior design models made on a computer program. I found it really cool that all of these students were chasing their passions and doing what they love. It was inspiring. Also, the students’ ages seemed to range from just out of high school, to right out of university, to leaving the workforce to begin a new path. Considering the examples of design we saw, the projects would be perfect for bringing business and engineering students together. Business-focused people can handle fulfilling the customers needs and overseeing expenses, while the engineers plan the structure of stores and interiors as a feasible goal that allows for safety and moveability. I actually used to want to be an interior designer so it was especially cool to get a sneak peak into their education, but I think I’ll stick with my accounting major. I really enjoyed this visit! Next stop: Adigeo, a giant shopping center in Verona. We had a couple hours to spend here, but instead of shopping, I sat down to chill, talk and snack. It was a nice way of recharging before heading off to the final stop. Last but not least: Mero & More, a research and development platform for fashion. It offers services for freelancers in the fashion industry, small clothing company or atelier owners, fashion designers. The business provides work spaces and services that support upcoming business owners who are developing their ideas and even supports model makers, samplers or seamstresses who love research and want to do their work online. Mero & More allow new companies to seize the opportunities that arise in a place of innovation in the fashion and clothing sector. Walking around the building, we saw a couple steps of the clothing production, including the printing of fabrics, cutting the pieces, sending them out to be sewed, and displaying the prototypes. Right next door was also a small cafe to enjoy a quick bite to eat; Mero & More really emphasized that good food means a good mood. They set up a peaceful and inspiring environment for young entrepreneurs to create the images inside their heads. Later in the evening, I had another calzone to wrap up the day. Off to Venice tomorrow!

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