A few hours in America

There’s only one day left in South Korea. It has been an interesting two weeks here; but I’ll go over all of that in another post. We still had two visits planned today. The first was at the US Consolate in Busan. This place was odd. When I heard we were going to a consolate, I assumed it would be a large building with a high amount of security. Instead, it was a floor within an office building. I learned how a consolate was formed as another representation in a country besides the main embassy. As for the meeting, we met with the diplomat stationed at the consolate and he told us about his job and the situation as a US ambassador in Korea. He spoke about the tensions within the country as well as the tension with Japan. We had previously heard how Japan and Korea were not on the best of terms but there was no explanation further than the previous occupation from 1910 to 1945. He talked about the comfort women of the Japanese and the slave labor they forced upon the Koreans.

The US Consolate in Busan

The next visit was the Busan National University. This university was situated on the side of a mountain near the Geumjeongsan mountain, one of the most famous in South Korea. The entire campus was beautiful with small forests and flowers planted everywhere. We heard their pitch for their international programs especially the benefits of being an exchange student. A professor also gave a lecture on the politics of North Korea and how the government has to balance the negotiations with their northern neighbor. He also showed an innocuous picture that he then explained he took at the China-North Korea border. The next part of the visit was a tour around the campus. They showed us their Makerspace which had the largest 3D printer I have ever seen. It was able to print an entire table in a single piece. I would definitely be interested in looking into this college for the future.

This picture does not show how large this printer is unfortunately

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