Day 12&13: Last Days

Today, we had our final presentation in the morning. It was a huge relief and rewarding to get that done and have free time the rest of the day. Yesterday, we had our last site visit, a long lunch, a visit to the botanical gardens then finished the day with a tour of the Evita Museum. It was a long day, but I really enjoyed the hospital visit in San Isidro.

The group was split into two for the site visits. My group went to a maternity public hospital in a very wealthy neighborhood, San Isidro. I had no idea where we were going, but I have not seen nice houses until this visit. When we got there, I thought the hospital would be similar to the maternity hospital in El Tigre in appearance. However, the building was very old. Maria Green, the head nurse gave us a lecture and the tour of the place. She told us that everything is great at the hospital except for the infrastructure and the lack of data keeping. One room was closed due to water leakage and she said that there is always at least one room that is closed because of it. She also told us that the hospital has kept moving and going with day to day functions, but no progress has been made. I think this is due to how the “old nurses” (as they called it) are not ready for change as well as that they do not have any data or numbers to reflect on where needs improvement. I thought that this hospital was well run, but the infrastructure could use a little more attention as it made it seem a little unsanitary and dangerous to maneuver.

The visit to the botanical garden was very fun and relaxing as we got to take a break in the sun. After, we headed to the Evita Museum. There, I learned about her role in Argentina and why she is praised. She started the Eva Perón Foundation which essentially provided basic needs for the poor. The goals of the foundation included educational establishments, hospitals, and other recreational facilities the foundation considered necessary. After everything we have learned these two weeks, I think this relates to healthcare in Argentina. I have learned that community health centers really value and have a passion to care for the people. Not only do the community health centers care for physical health, but health centers also provide classes, homework help, sports, etc to children and the community to keep them busy regardless of their financial state. I think Eva’s passion and drive to help out the poor relates to these community health centers in Argentina.

I have enjoyed my time in Buenos Aires. Tomorrow before we go to the airport, we have some time to shop and explore for the last time. I am really glad I got to be a part of this trip and to have learned so much in such a short period of time.

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