Operation: Pusan in Busan (May 16)

Another company visit day here in Busan. Our first destination was at the United States Consulate. Here we meet with the United States ambassador in charge of the consulate. He told us about what he does on a day to day basis, which was a cool job. He attended many events in the area to show that the United States wants to be involved and is interested in South Korea. He also meets with many South Korean official to talk about common interests and create a stronger relationship between the two nations. Lastly, which he said was the most difficult responsibility of his, he is tasked with arranging hotels and dinning for any United States official that visits the country. Not the coolest visit we’ve been on, but an interesting occupation.

              We then some free time before we would go to Pusan National University. Me and some friends decided to get some bubble tea at a local vending establishment. However, I am not sure if the tea was good or not, since I bought a smoothie there instead. It was a very good strawberry banana smoothie. Then I got some artistic pictures in the store, please enjoy.

              We then went to Pusan National University. This is the number 1 ranked public university in South Korea, and I could surly see why. We met with someone in administration who told us the general information about the university. Then, a professor came in and taught us about North Korean culture and relations. This was a very interesting presentation. As I have come to learn more about North Korea from the perspective of South Korea, it was different seeing it from the perspective of North Korea and how they view their culture and global relations differently than an outsider would. Then, some local students took us on a tour of the university. The obvious highlight was the engineering school. We got to see the school maker space, or area where anyone can come to design, and it was incredible. The area took up an entire floor and had every piece of equipment you could ever ask for. They had over 50 3D printers, including one industrial sized one that could print a dinning room table. Really cool University, maybe one day I can go pack for a semester.

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