Returning to Ireland?

The trip to Ireland was spectacular, I greatly enjoyed being able to see the culture, companies, and most importantly, the working people. As stated in my initial post, I had hoped to see the aspects of Ireland that will decide whether I work there. I was not disappointed!

I greatly appreciated the way the trip was directed by our advisors in which they pivoted when issues occurred. Additionally, I loved the trips and site visits and tours included and the demeanor of my peers.

In 1 year, I hope to return to Dublin. Reason being is I hope to work in Dublin for 1-2 years. During the trip, I was able to gain a referral to the LinkedIn new graduate program for my graduation next year. In their business sales division. In 5 years, I’ll remember this trip greatly as it was able to provide me with a couple connections in Google and Microsoft. My hope is in 5 years to work in the MENA area hopefully in Dubai or somewhere in the UAE.

From my trip, I’ll remember the relationships I made with my classmates, the difficulties of this trip we overcame, and our bonding during our pressed schedule that allowed us to spend an increased time together. Overall, this trip was monumental and life changing as it’s provided me with the opportunity to work in Dublin after graduation if I wish.

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  1. Melissa H says:

    Great night on this trip! I think it was excellent you were able to build some relationships with professionals while you were abroad. I really hope you can achieve the goals you set for your future self and I wish you the best of luck!

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