Day 2: CUFE

Today was our second day in Beijing! We spent most of the day at the Central University of Finance and Economics.  After about an hourlong bus ride we arrived at the university’s campus which seemed pretty similar to a college campus in the US.

 The first part of our day at the university consisted of lectures from two professors.  The first professor was from China and gave us a lecture about big data, personal marketing, smart phones, and some differences between China and the US.  The biggest difference between China and the US that he taught us about is that 20% of Americans use online payment compared to 55% of Chinese people.  This is mostly because the cities are so crowded it is hard for people to go to stores and buy a lot of items.  The second professor was originally from the US but moved to China twenty years ago to work in investment until he eventually became a professor.  His lecture was about all the many things in the world like foods, products, and historical events that have some original connection to China.

 Then we went to lunch with some students from the university at their dining hall.   It was fun talking to the students about the differences between our schools.  The lunch had some interesting dishes like pigs blood and thousand-year eggs.  I was not adventurous enough to try them especially after seeing other peoples’ reactions after eating them.  After lunch we got a tour of the university’s new library which was a beautiful building. Many of the students said it was their favorite building on campus and they spend lot of their time there.  The ground floor had a gallery of photos from different places and animals throughout china which were all beautiful.

 After the tour of the library we went to the athletic area of campus where there were some students playing soccer, basketball, and volleyball.  The Chinese students we were with taught us a few of the games that they play. The first was a version of jumping rope where you run under the rope and then jump over it which I was not good at.  The second was a team competition with a hula hoop.  We had to stand in a circle and hold hands and get the hula hoop around the entire circle by stepping through it and putting our heads through it.  My team came in second, but we were only seconds behind the first team.  I was happy with second place though because third place had to do a song and dance for all of us as their punishment. 

 For dinner one of our program coordinators from China, Jane, came with all the girls to a restaurant to translate for us.  Without her we would’ve been pointing at items on the menu and hoping for the best.  We all got noodle soup and dumplings which were very good.  The dumplings were definitely my favorite food that I’ve had in Beijing so far.   

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