Reflecting On My Time in China

I’ve been back in the States and started my new job and I still can’t believe I was just in China only two weeks ago. It feels like a completely different life from now. I really went into this trip knowing if I had expectations based on stereotypes of China from the American media I would be too shocked to enjoy my time. So I tired not to think about what it’s supposed to be like and just let myself take it all in.

The infrastructure is amazing, people are innovative in different ways we see in America, the skies are blue, they can take trains to other cities, they can do everything with their phones and don’t need a wallet or a laptop, people can walk around at night and not be scared, I could go on and on about the things I noticed.

If I have three words to describe China after this trip, it would be powerful, diverse, and urbanization. China has this energy about it that is invigorating and inspiring. As an engineer I learned so much about business and how important it is to have those skills as a business person. I should take all the opportunities I have to be constantly learning and connecting. I can’t even tell you how many Pitt alum we met on the trip, or how many companies that said they are hiring Pitt alum or interviewing them. It absolutely crazy. I want to be one of those people that makes the most out of life.

I came into freshman year wanting to study Chinese language as a minor, but lost the desire as I got bogged down by engineering work. However, now I realize it is imperative to know Chinese so I can connect learn and connect and be apart of the future world. Who knows, maybe I’ll be living in Shanghai or Hong Kong someday.

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