Day 13: Back to the Place of the Monks

Today was our free day to go out and explore on our own time. I decided to go to Munich with Nick, James, Reid, Esme, and Joe. Although Salzburg seemed like a pretty interesting place to go to, I decided to go to Munich, so I could at least somewhat sleep in after being up so early almost every day. Another influence that made the decision to go to Munich more enticing was that since we were already in Munich, we did not need to stay there all day and we did not. The reason I liked this so much because we had to leave so early in the morning for our flight the next morning and I did not even start packing. We arrived in Munich around ten in the morning and walked around the familiar tourist sites we saw the Saturday prior. Later, we decided to go to the Biergarten to enjoy some lunch outside. I had some delicious strawberries from the street market and some type of sausage sandwich and to my surprise, where the sausage had cheese inside of it.

After the Biergarten, we again walked around the city of Munich where this time we went to this very touristy place right outside of the Hofbrauhaus that had plenty of gift shops. It was at this time that I decided to get my family their gifts. I got my mother a nice flower-patterned Munich hat and I got my father a Hofbrauhaus coaster. After buying my parents their gifts, we decided it was time to go get some more food to eat. We found a Sausalito’s in Munich where I enjoyed some very good Nachos.

After our lunch, it was time to catch the train back to Augsburg. Even though it was a very short day, I would still say it was quite a success. Especially for Nick who bought a super rare surfing shirt that you could only buy in Munich. I spent the train ride back to Augsburg still trying to catch up on all the sleep I have missed out on while on this program.

Here is my Reaction When I Found Out the Sausage Had Cheese Inside of it

When we finally got into Augsburg, it was really beginning to hit me that I was leaving Germany tomorrow. I could not believe how comfortable I was becoming in Augsburg. I was just getting to know by heart where all of the essential locations and places are in the city. Even though I was becoming sad about having to leave Germany tomorrow, I was also extremely excited to see my friends back home who I have not seen since my very short winter break.

Live Look at Reid’s Struggle

For dinner that night, Reid and I went to Vapiano where we accidentally ate each other’s orders instead of our own, but I thought Reid’s pasta dish was quite good. Following our dinner, it was finally time to pack everything back up. I spent about forty-five minutes packing everything up. It was a very rough forty-five minutes because by the end I was sweating. However, I did. Not struggle as much as Reid who was barely able to close his suitcase. After packing, I was exhausted and finally went to bed thinking about all of the awesome people I have met and all the great memories I have made while on Plus3 Germany.

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