My First Blog Post: Reagan Faizon

Hello! My name is Reagan Faizon and I am a nursing student at Pitt’s Oakland campus. I participate in the Nursing Student association and am apart of the PR committee as well as the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. In my spare time I like to play the saxophone when I can and would love to join a Pitt ensemble during my time here.

Professionally, I plan to stay in the Pittsburgh area for some time after graduation in critical care. I currently have an interest in Neonatal nursing. I also plan to continue my education by pursuing my doctorate.

I will be traveling with the Plus3 Nursing and Education trip to the UK! I am thrilled to be a part of this program and have this opportunity. I chose this program because of its focus on intersectionality, diversity, and identity in nursing and education. I had not previously considered how nursing and education can intersect and I am excited to learn more.

After this trip I hope to learn more about how diversity and intersectionality play a role in effective healthcare and how it can be encouraged. I also hope this trip will provides me with the opportunity to diversify my experiences and understanding of healthcare and aid me in making the best decisions possible in my professional life.

I am so excited to be traveling with this group in a couple of weeks and seeing a country I’ve never been to! See you all soon!

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