100 GECs

We had no clue, but StayCity room 38 was only minutes away from bursting into flames. After my roommate finished a load of laundry, he discovered a lint drawer containing an eye dropper, tin foil, a contact lens case, €0.05, and what must have been years worth… of lint. How could such a simple process, that of clearing out the lint before each round, go unheeded for so long by so many people? Some of our fellow Plus3 members have even claimed that there is not a dryer at all in the aparthotel rooms, but we were to hang them on our balconies. Perhaps the struggles are due to the entrepreneurial mindset so ingrained into the collective Irish consciousness. At the Guinness Enterprise Center (GEC), speaker Madison Roche noted that one of the hallmarks of a successful startup was the ability to be flexible, maybe even at the laundromat. On the walking tour of the Silicon Docks, Dr. Kelly gave the example of the hypothetical pair of USA cooking and IRL cociñar classes. The same flawlessly-executed lasagna may earn an A from Garfield, but a middling B from the folks at Griffith College. As to what I am most comfortable with, it may be those tasks that are so simple that not much of a mindset is required at all. Consider a bowl of cereal – a radical could pour milk into the bowl prior to the Froot Loops themselves and still win the approval of Toucan Sam. With that said, I believe that I am sufficiently flexible to function in the entrepreneurial space. One other tendency of the Irish, besides flexibility, is their adherence(!) to the 9-to-5 working schedule. Your time off the clock is truly yours, which could motivate me to contribute work in a way that this 11 PM blogging session, indefinite time until touchdown, does not. Another, which the US shares, is that of limited liability. If my theoretical entrepreneurial ambitions do crash and burn, then at least the private citizen Raghu Venkatesh retains his assets. A retreat to safer pastures in the event of a botched 150-second pitch is within reach in the booming Dublin jobs market. When your clothes fail to dry, all you have to do is untrap the lint and run the machine for another cycle. 

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