Double the Luck

Would you believe me if I told you we got to know a reality TV star today? Thinkhouse is easily the most interestingly quirky company I’ve had the opportunity to visit. Their company values contrast with the working world we know from old Ireland. Thinkhouse is taking advantage of appealing to younger generations in the way they spark creativity in the office space and not to mention the intriguing work they do. 

Compared to old Ireland, Thinkhouse drives new Ireland by encouraging lighter, mentally healthier work. Their business structure at a glance seems to be laid back, which ultimately leads to better productivity. Something I found especially interesting is Thinkhouse’s hiring process. I’m not a fan of America’s hiring process and find it to be an insufficient way of properly pairing employees with employers. Thinkhouse hires those that they get to know personally, and casually. When they find someone to be a good fit, they hire them. Some challenges I would anticipate arising is employees valuing the “party” aspect rather than more important aspects. A speaker at Thinkhouse expressed that Ireland seems to be the “trial” country for large social media platforms we’ve been seeing become popular, such as TikTok, Snapchat, and BeReal.  I found this interesting because she said this could be because Ireland is between the rest of Europe and America.

Ending my day with cheap pizza and a double rainbow may have been the best conclusion I have had!

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