Day 5: Crashing Boats

Thankfully a day with a late wake up has arrived. We left the hotel at 9:30 where we headed back to Limassol to Bernhard Schulte Marine Services Training Center. We walked around the training center and learned about the training cadets had to do to work aboard container ships. We even had the opportunity to see the engine room and bridge simulators. Me and John even managed to crash our simulated ship into another! It was a really interesting experience to learn about the job training of a job that often goes under appreciated despite how crucial it is.

After leaving Limassol we went to a group lunch at a fish tavern where I had the opportunity to try lots of different sea food including squid and octopus. Finishing lunch we headed to the Halan Sultan Teke, the mosque built where the prophet Muhammad’s aunt died. Finishing up the day in Lanarca old city we saw St. Lazarus Church and a couple of us enjoyed a cafe near the beach.

A day full of travel with lots of bus time left me exhausted and I can’t wait to get a good nights rest!

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