Day 5: the pink spread is not hummus

Today, we started the day by waking up on time and successfully attending breakfast. While there, the guy joked with me that I always come to breakfast at the last minute and he told me to come earlier so I can enjoy my breakfast fully. Then, we boarded the bus and headed back to Limassol. There, we had the opportunity to meet with BSM, a maritime training company. They help train people to work on shipping boats across the world. The facility itself was really cool and looked like what I imagine the inside of a ship to look like. There were different compartments with training rooms as well as a Galley and quarters for the students. I learned that they call the cafeteria a galley on ships. I thought it was cool how the whole system works and comes together in little parts. People sign independent contracts for how long they will work on the ship and I thought it was interesting when he said “I’ve met a lot of different people and then never seen them again.” I think it was cool how he has been all over the world by ship because it is a completely different experience. The simulations they run to train the students are amazing and proof of how technology has improved education. Before, they had to wait to train students on actual ships and they were way less prepared but now they can have students respond to real situations and deal with those problems beforehand so that they are better prepared for the real world. My favorite room was the engine simulation room because of the technology involved and the full functional technical diagram they had for the engine of the ship.

After the visit, we went to have lunch at a fish tavern in Zygi. The view of the water was amazing and I was excited to have a meal so close to the sea. I love the smell of fresh saltwater. I had a bunch of roasted vegetables, some pita bread, veggie balls, and spring rolls. They were the first restaurant to offer ketchup along with the fries as most other places did not do that. At the end of the meal, I learned that there was this pink spread I was eating but in fact it was not vegetarian. It had fish eggs and salmon in it. That kind of ruined my lunch experience.

After lunch, we went to the Hala Sultan Tekke which is a mosque. They are super strict and conservative about clothing so we had to wear full sleeves and full pants. I thought the story of Hala Sultan Tekke was really nice and it was cool how that was the biggest mosque in Cyprus. Then, we went to Larnaca. On the way there, we passed a group of sheep crossing the road. Since I was actually awake for the drive, it was probably the prettiest so far. Once we got to Larnaca, we spent the rest of the time on the beach. It was amazing and not too hot but the water was just the right temperature. Lucy and I swam to the buoy and raced (I won obviously). We were sad to cut that short and return back but I’m excited for another beach day tomorrow.


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