A Great Day for German Food

(5/12/22) Today started in a way that I usually never start my days. I am a very punctual person, so when my alarm goes off, I get up right away. However, I slept right through it and had to get ready in less than five minutes. I did catch the bus, though, and we quickly got on our way to breakfast. In my defense, I’m not a morning person.

We ventured to a small town a little bit south of Augsburg to have a traditional Weißwurstfrühstück, or white sausage breakfast. The white sausages came linked and in a bowl of warm water, and they were served with pretzels, delicious sweet mustard, and cheese and vegetables. To eat the white sausage, I had to slice it down the center longways and slowly peel off the casing with my knife. Everything at that breakfast was very tasty, and I could not be more excited to get to try these traditional Bavarian dishes and customs.


After breakfast, we had a moment of downtime before heading to Faurecia, a company that manufactures exhaust systems and multiple design aspects of a car, including seats, door panels, and decorations. The company has a location at the northwest end of Augsburg, so we took the street cars to get there. I love little experiences like this where I get to learn and practice some German words. For example, I constantly try to read signs throughout the city and guess what they mean. Also, the street car taught me that “next stop” is “Nächster halt”, which I think demonstrates some of the similarities between English and German. Anyways, after arriving at Faurecia, we began with a presentation on the basics of the company. Similar to Hoerbiger and Webasto, Faurecia is a Tier 1 supplier and directly provides automotive parts to OEMs, or original equipment manufacturers (car companies). We then took a tour of their prototyping process and learned about the little details of an exhaust system’s design. After a lunch break and some delicious pastries, we listened to some presentations of the company’s current standings and future with technologies and products. I think that Faurecia did an amazing job giving us a complete picture of their company and where they fit into the automotive supply chain.

After returning back to the hotel, I took a quick powernap, something that I have been needing ever since we arrived in Germany. Another highlight of the day was dinner, and our new friend Maxi, the student assistant for the program at Augsburg, took us to one of his favorite restaurants in the city. There, I tried a magnificent, traditional Swabian dish consisting of schwabenteller, a type of grilled pork sirloin, and spätzle, a type of egg noodle that is fried in butter. Not only did I eat delicious food tonight, but I also got to learn some more about German culture from Maxi. Throughout this trip, I have consistently been appreciative of how the German students have welcomed us and been so helpful in showing us what Augsburg has to offer. I am very grateful for the opportunity they have given us and am increasingly excited for the remainder of our trip! Bis morgen!

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