Day 5: Simulations and Seafood


We had a later start today so it was nice to get some extra rest. That being said, I did, once again, fall asleep on the bus ride and I had be woken up when we got to Limassol. Honestly, I don’t understand how I sleep so soundly on the bus but somehow it is very comfortable.
Anyway, this morning when we arrived in Limassol we were meeting with people from the Bernhard Schulte Shipmanagement (BSM) Maritime Training Center. They first gave an overview of the shipping industry from a personnel perspective instead the business perspective that we have be seeing so far. At BSM, they train people to become officers on many different kinds of ships. It is a 4 year program and one year of that time is spent on a ship for a more hands on learning and training experience. On land, there are different simulators that they use to train the prospective officers. Some the simulators include the bridge and the engine room which we got to see. The bridge was so cool because there were six screen showing the view from the bridge and controls and screen below like you would have on a real ship. There was one screen that had a map of the water surrounding the ship and another one that showed the radar and where other ships were in relation to this one. The engine room had all kinds of complicated controls and diagrams that I found very confusing. There is also a mess hall where people training to be cooks can practice. One of the interesting points that our guide made is that the cooks need to be able to make many kinds of cuisine. This is because the crew of the boat may not be from the same place and may not be from where the cook is from. Unfortunately, the tour ran long and there was traffic so we got to lunch about 40 minutes late.
For lunch, we had a group lunch at a seafood place. They served so many different types of seafood; it felt like they were never going to stop bring food. My favorite was the shrimp. It was served completely whole so you had to take off the head and shell. It was just so fresh and I really enjoyed it. At the end, one of the leaders of the other group was asking people if they would eat a fish eye so Lucy and I decided to it. Honestly, it didn’t really taste like much and there was this hard little white ball in the middle of it that we couldn’t eat. Also, as a side note, the bread was very good.
After lunch, we went to Hala Sultan Tekke which is a mosque. Women had to have pants on and have shoulders covered. There was a guard that determined if someone inappropriately dressed and they would not be let in. I had never been in a mosque before and I was grateful for the opportunity. We had to take our shoes off before we actually entering the building. There was a garden surrounding it and there was also spot where you could see the remains of the original mosque.

Remains of the original mosque

Finally, our day ended in Larnaca. We were dropped off the by the Saint Lazarus Church where the tomb of St. Lazarus is located. We had free time for about 2 hours. After looking at the church, we decide to go to the beach. I didn’t go in the water because I didn’t want to have to sit on the bus all wet but I did go in up to my knees. The water was a really nice temperature actually and the sun wasn’t too hot because it was the end of the day. When time was up, we met back up with everyone and got on the bus for the trip back to Nicosia.

Tonight, I think we are planning to just explore the city. I do still need to pack for the overnight trip tomorrow which I am very excited about!

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