Day 3

Another day, another 8 AM wake up. Today started with a great breakfast (like always) that consisted of meats, cheeses, and fresh fruits. For my drink, I switched up my coffee choice from a cappuccino to an americano. It was very still the high quality coffee I have come to expect in Cyprus. We then got on a bus and headed back to Limassol, this time to see the Limassol port.

As we pulled into the port, the view of the light blue water combined with the incoming vessels was a sight to see. Upon arrival, we started with a quick presentation from DP World, one of the companies I researched prior to this trip. I asked about how the Suez Canal incident affected the port, and I learned that they were able to handle the massive delays caused by the incident smoothly, even though their port was so close to the blockage. We then continued our tour of the port and heard from Eurogate, the company that handles all of the containers that enter/leave the country. Eurogate took us to the “key,” a name for the strip where vessels dock and unload their containers. Eurogate uses ginormous cranes to help this process, and we got to see them up close, which was very interesting. We learned that training for these big cranes takes at minimum 6 months.

After our trip to the port, we went to the marina in Limassol and had lunch by the pier. The water near the restaurant was a clear, light turquoise shade, which made for a beautiful meal. They served us traditional American food consisting of burgers and wraps, but it still had a flavorful Greek touch.

After lunch, we visited an old Limassol castle. Seeing the ancient ruins was incredible, and the castle had some great exhibits to dive into. My favorite part of the castle was looking at tombstones from many centuries ago. The art was very ancient, but left a picture in my mind that will be there forever. After the castle we headed back to the pier area, where a few people decided to jump into the clear Mediterranean Sea. I sadly could not do this since I was in khakis, but it was fun watching my friends enjoy the sea.

We then returned back to Nicosia. A small group of us decided to go to a restaurant called ToAnamma. The inside of the restaurant was beautifully designed, featuring vines and other greenery across the ceilings and walls. The food we ordered was also amazing. My favorite part of the meal I ordered was the Greek salad, which had olives, feta, green peppers, and tomatoes, finished with olive oil. Although simple, this was one of the most fresh and tasty salads I have ever had. Like the night before, we talked as a group for hours, and didn’t leave the restaurant until 11.

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