Much Ado in Monteverde

In terms of Monteverde, productivity refers to their ability to make money, and make it in the most hassle free way. This, as with most humans, is a natural instinct in order to better their own lives. For the people of Monteverde, we can see this through the development of their different businesses. The quakers discovered that dairy could be very profitable and the whole community gathered around it. However, when the community realized that tourism was more profitable, they pivoted the the more productive way of making money.

Sustainability in my personal opinion, is the attempt to balance both productivity and conservation. With more of a focus of attempting to sustain land for continual use by humans. (The idea that Don Guiremore stated that some people believe land was created for humans sake). The land is conserved so it may be reused and be treated as a reusable resource. I believe this has less of a focus on the enjoyment of nature.

Conservation is the concept of preserving nature, for natures sake. Often under the idea of leaving land alone so that nature may function on its own. In Monteverde, conservation is promoted because the value nature adds to the community.

As climate change progresses, Monteverde faces many challenges. While in the last 20 years, ecotourism has provided a steady profit for the Costa Rican economy. This is how they have been able to value conservation because it was much more profitable than the unsubstainible farming methods they ensue. However, climate change has begun to change the tune of Costa Ricans. As climate change wrecks havoc on nature and causes extinction, the idea of continting the within the ecotourism industry creates less profitable outcomes.

In addition, there is a duality to the eco tourism. While it brings in much money and encourages local costa ricans to expand their preservation efforts. It also puts strain on the environment. Expanding tourism forces new development, hotels that consume lots of water, and extra car use. This creates a conflict because the entire economy is based on the nature they are simultaneously trying to save and conserve.

This idea of utilizing conservation is not uncommon and shared by many places in Costa Rica. However, I would say that Monteverde is one of the most successful areas in balancing this idea

I would prioritize sustainability above all else. As I mentioned above, it is a concept that balances both economic stability and saving the earth. I believe everything must exist in balance. Though conservation is ideal for the long term, its important that humans be allowed to thrive along side nature. I believe this is the best way to balance that

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