A Group Beach Day

Today, we had the entire day up until 3 pm to enjoy the Paphos beach. In the morning, myself and a few friends decided to explore and enjoyed frappes and croissants at a local coffee shop. I found the difference in types of coffee offered to be very interesting – there was an entire section about frostinos, which seemed to be perhaps similar to the American frappuccino. All of the frozen/cold coffee that I have enjoyed in Cyprus seems to include a foamy texture and is always served with a paper straw. While I love the environmental awareness, the paper straw always becomes unusable by the time I finish around half of my drink!

Afterwards, we went to the beach and spent our time there until 3:00. We tanned, went into the ocean, and played a lot of beach volleyball in a large group circle. I was surprised how rocky the ocean floor was, for I am used to the Delaware beaches of soft sand. I even scraped my knee after an unexpected shallow rock! I really enjoyed this experience for group bonding and relaxation after a long, busy week. Being able to sleep in and have a slow day with nothing planned has made me ready to take on the next week of our Cyprus journey.

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