Final Presentation: Plus3 Germany is Coming to a Close

Today was our final presentation, where we presented our research on GROB Werke. It was a twenty-five minute presentation, with ten minutes for questions. I thought that we did a great job; we did well on time and we answered every question . Overall, I enjoyed researching our company. It was really the first time I ever looked into detail of what goes on behind the scenes, and now I have a much better understanding of how companies operate.

We also had our goodbye dinner at a place called the Ratskeller (I have a picture of it for my featured photo). For dinner, I ordered the Kaesespaetzle. This is like macaroni and cheese with fried onions on top. It was the first time I tried it actually, and I thought it was quite good. To be honest, it was so filling that I couldn’t even finish it. Looking back over this trip, I have noticed that all Bavarian dishes are extremely filling. I can’t remember once not finishing a meal and not feeling stuffed.

Over the past ten days, we really got to know the German students here at the University of Augsburg. Saying goodbye was bittersweet, but looking back I find it amazing how work we did together. Collectively, we did about three hours worth of presentation into various companies, and that does not include the time spent researching and visiting the companies. There was definitely a lot of work with this trip, but at the end I find it really rewarding to be finished with it.

Signing off,

Nate Ginck

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