Saving the best for last

Today was our final day of site visits, and I think we ended on a pretty good note. FoodCloud was so interesting (our group had the coolest company ) and our guide, Brian, was incredibly passionate about the company. You could tell that he really wanted to be there and supported the company’s values full-heartedly. We started off with the presentation which was great because it covered all the bases of what FoodCloud is and does for the community. As a non-profit, it will be difficult to examine the company in terms of the market, and any recommendations for growth will not be based on revenue but instead community outreach. This brings me to why FoodCloud is so well known by its community. FoodCloud, as a company, pretty much has zero negatives. It tackles food waste by making sure charities have food to supply the people, and retailers/shops have somewhere to put their excess food. Thus, the reason that their business model is so successful. There is a demand for the product/service that they can supply. I think our other site visits have talked about FoodCloud positively simply because FoodCloud does good work and it deserves to be recognized. In terms of Ireland’s history, we can take a look at the famine that occurred many years ago. It was a tragic event that has affected the lives of many Irish people even this many years after. Food poverty is serious in Ireland since 1/11 people do not have enough food to eat; therefore, FoodCloud is combating hunger and providing a sense of community for Ireland. One thing that I noticed about FoodCloud that could relate to another company, would be the passion. I think that FoodCloud and the guides that we met for Thinkhouse shared a similar passion. A passion for their work and the benefits of it. 

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