Wicklow Wonders

After spending a week in Dublin, I was thrilled to explore the rural areas. On Sunday we went to the Wicklow Mountains and Kilkenny. It was interesting to observe the differences between Dublin and the places we’ve seen in the past two days. I felt more welcomed in the rural areas that we’ve visited. It’s not that we aren’t welcomed in Dublin, but it just felt genuine in Kilkenny. Along with the people, the shops seemed to be more genuine as well. They were less targeted at tourists as we see in Dublin. In both places, you can find a mix of both kinds of business. I’m not sure if perceptions of us have changed in the differing locations, but I can say that we seemed to be more appreciated in the countryside. 

I was thrilled to stumble upon a yoga studio/shop. There was a young boy running the store, assuming this was a small family business which adds to the authenticity of Kilkenny. After exploring the mountains, I got to enjoy one of my favorite American foods: hotdogs.  I wondered if this was a way to appeal to tourists, specifically Americans.

Prior to coming to Ireland, I would imagine the countryside that we saw today. I’ve appreciated every second of every day I’ve been here along with the places and people I’ve met. It’s been incredibly interesting to see the differences among areas on opposite sides of the country. I must say, I’d really enjoy coming back to Ireland and exploring more of the countryside one day.

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