Day 11: (conveyor) Belts and Beaches


Today was our last full day in Cyprus :(. We started the morning nice and early at 8. We had to stop to get COVID tests so that we could get back to the US. Everyone was negative so go team. 

Afterwords, got on the bus we went to Vasiliko. We had the original bus back so I took another awesome nap. The presenter first was from a company that makes cement in the port and he walked us through the process (which is very complicated). They export both clinker and actual cement. Clinker is an intermediate product of the cement making process. Then they told us about their port and how they actually get the products on the ships. It was really interesting because they put the cement right onto a conveyer belt which takes it out to the ship. The next company, VTTV, is an oil storage facility. They are a subsidiary of VTTI which is an international company. VTTV is the only company of its kind on Cyprus as their competitors also have products not just storage. They had 4 places for boats to dock and load/unload the oil. After the presentations, we did a little tour of the facilities. The equipment that is used to make cement is absolutely massive which is not necessarily surprising but it was still impressive.

Conveyer belt for cement transportation
Outfits for walking around the port featuring Elena and Natasha

Since the other company presentations ended up getting cancelled, we got to go to the beach in Larnaca for the rest of day. Once I woke up from my bus nap, we got a quick lunch so that we could have as much time on the beach as possible. We sat for a little bit then went in the water. The water was warmer than any of the other place we had been. I am going to miss the stillness of the water when I go back to the Atlantic. After we got out, I took yet another nap but this one was on the beach so of course it was the best. 

We left Larnaca around 4:30 so we got back to the hotel around 5:40. Unfortunately, my passport number was messed up on my COVID test so we had to go back to pharmacy to fix it. Once we got back, Chris and Mike had some trivia questions prepared with prizes so we did that. Then we had a little trip debrief. For dinner, we had our final Mediterranean meal which was awesome. 

I have had an absolutely amazing time on this trip and I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to experience the culture and companies of Cyprus. Chris and Mike were the best leaders we could have asked for and am I thankful to them for making this trip so great. I am so happy to have met such amazing people on this trip; it would not have been the same without them. 

Hopefully, I’ll be back to Cyprus some day but goodbye for now! 

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