Day Ten: Celiac Strikes Back

The start of day ten was glorious in that we didn’t have to wake up until 11am! So I got to sleep in some extra hours. I did manage to wake up in time for another delicious breakfast thought. After breakfast, I still had an hour till roll call at the hotel, so I decided to go visit the highest building in the Old City, The Shacolas Tower Museum and Observatory. It was very close to our hotel, and gave a beautiful view of the old city in every direction. On top of the views, the museum had places marked on a map so you could look for specific landmarks of cultural or historic importance. After the museum, I stopped for a caramel latte at a local coffee place, and it was very enjoyable. (Thanks natasha for the recommendation).

After our lazy morning, we visited PWC, and I was immediately blown away by their high-tech, modernized workspace. They had very comfortable chairs, multi-screens, yoga balls, and a very cool hologram projector, which the CEO used to give us an introduction, and even a full coffee bar! The presenter, who tuned in via zoom from Germany, gave an in-depth explanation of the company’s digitized supply chain, and how advances in fields such as AI, machine learning, and blockchain can lead to smarter and more efficient supply chains.

After our presentation, we were treated to a delicious catered lunch and a very information breakout sessions of presentations. I spent most of my time listening to the people who were talking about blockchain, as it was a concept I was unfamiliar of, but interested in. I didn’t really understand all that they were talking about, but from what I understood, it seemed like blockchain could be very useful in supply chain management as we advance in technology in the future.

With our afternoon free time, I explored the local art museum with some friends. It wasn’t very interesting, containing a lot of artifacts instead of art pieces, and talking a lot about the history of Nicosia. We then ventured into the Turkish side of Nicosia, passing through the checkpoint unscathed. Upon crossing, we were immediately met with a bustling street, full of street food vendors, Mosques, and off brand clothes. It looked interesting, but seemed to lack the vibrant life that the Greek side of Nicosia has.

After our foray, my friends & I returned to the hotel for our farewell dinner. The waiter told me the salad had dairy, but declined to tell me the salad had gluten until I had already eaten some. Who puts bread in salads? Luckily for me I went through the rest of dinner unscathed. However, celiac decided not to leave me alone, and I had a nice date with the bathroom for an hour or two. To be honest, I was surprised I only had wheat once on this trip, and it wasn’t a terrible reaction, so I guess I can’t really complain. That attack was the reason this blog post wasn’t written yesterday, however.

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