Exercise Balls and Museums

For our second last day in Cyprus, we met with Price Waterhouse Cyprus (PWC) and had some free time in Nicosia, as well as our farewell dinner. I am not sure of what to make with our visit with PWC. I was taken aback when we walked into their “Experience Center.” This room made me think of something Google would do for their employees. There were exercise balls in front of the stage. It had a hologram projector on stage from which we heard from an important figure in PWC. There was a grassy looking structure on the ceiling. There was an open cocktail and coffee bar with catered hors d’oeuvres. There were touch screen monitors everywhere. All of this was on the ninth floor of their building with floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city.

We heard a presentation from a man in their Germany branch on supply chain and the digitization of data and data forecasting. One thing that stuck out to me from his presentation was that in our modern society, the industry with the most digitization of data is the automotive industry and within that, only 14% of companies/14% of the industry is digitized. It is crazy to think that although we learn about all of this complex data science and supply chain in school, so little of it is actually out in the real world at this point and time.

The next speaker we heard from was a man from the company Superhome Centre. He talked about their supply chain and how the company uses customer data to improve their business. He mentioned specifically how website data was used. He knows exactly how many clicks on his website there are, how long people stay on his website, the average purchase price, how long a person looks at an item, etc. This is used to better market their products to make the most revenue.

After the Superhome guy spoke, we had a few presentations going on at the same time that we could visit individually. I listened to someone talk about the user experience and how he helps his clients cater to their consumers in the most effective manner. He talked about targeted ads, user friendliness of different software, and a few other things.

We had some free time after the meeting, so my friends and I walked around the Old City of Nicosia. We went to a museum and walked around. This museum mostly talked about the history of Cyprus, specifically Nicosia. There were a lot of artifacts and cultures represented, which made sense seeing as most major ancient empires, such as the Greeks, Romans, and Byzantines, occupied Cyprus at one point. There were a lot of clothes, jewelry, pottery, and other things from each period. After the museum, we went to the observatory where we could go up to the eleventh floor and see the entire old city. It was a beautiful view. Something I found interesting is that on the opposite side of the dividing line of the city, you can see the flag of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus on the mountains.

After that, we got some Armenian street food from a little restaurant. My friend and I shared a lahmajoun and a kachapuri. These are an Armenian “pizza” with meat on top of a thin bread, and a cheese “boat” which is bread with a cheese blend and an egg inside, respectively. I will include a picture of the cheese boat, which was so good.

We had our farewell dinner yesterday as well. It was our final mezze dinner, with some really good baklava coated feta and chicken patties being the highlight. I am sad to be leaving so soon!

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