Saying Goodbye

Today was our final day on the beautiful island of Cyprus. We had one last company visit to finish up followed by some free time at the beach. After enjoying our last hotel breakfast, we left for a local pharmacy to get one final COVID test before our flight. This part was honestly very nerve-wracking for me…imagining myself stuck in the country for five more days in their government quarantine housing all alone. Not ideal. Luckily, we all had negative results, and my fears were for nothing. 

We continued on to Vassiliko Port, where they make cement material to be used both in Cyprus and exported to other counties. I was surprised to hear that concrete is the second most-consumed material in the world, behind water. I never really thought about how it was made, so it was interesting to visually see the process and hear about their techniques (like using chopped tires as an alternative fuel source).

Next up, we heard from VTTV, which was another company nearby that helps to store different materials until they are ready to be sold/shipped. The company mainly works with clean petroleum products, and they offer a storage service to consumers (they don’t own any of the material they store). We played a quick Kahoot, which I thought was a creative way of keeping us engaged. 

After the presentations, we took a tour around both company facilities and were able to see some of the different machinery that was mentioned earlier. We got to wear very stylish safety vests and hard hats, as well. I was surprised to find out that the giant silo was used to store product… that’s a lot of cement! At the end, there was a nice view of the water from VTTV, but it was getting hot, so we were all ready to hit the beach. 

Our final trip was back to the beach in Larnaca. My group immediately grabbed some food, then walked around the gift shops, and eventually walked on the shore back to our meeting spot. It suddenly hit me that this really was our last day, and I was sad to say goodbye to Cyprus, but I will definitely be back again one day 🇨🇾 I’m glad I took so many pictures to remember my time here, and I am so grateful to everyone who helped coordinate such an amazing trip.

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