Doomsday and the Last Supper (not really) – Day 11

It’s finally here, the main deliverable of this entire trip. It was kind of rough sleeping last night, not because I didn’t have faith in my group, but always have really bad nerves right before a big presentation. Especially because I have never given a 25-minute presentation before. My group had breakfast early in the morning and then used the tram to get to the university. It was kind of awkward to be using the tram alone without Dr. Feick, Steph, or Korbinian but we luckily made it. Since the German students are currently in their semester, they weren’t about to meet with us until an hour before the presentation, which made me very nervous, but we used the time we had before they came to practice our own parts and adjust our times to make sure we didn’t go over the limit. 

We took a quick break at 12 to eat lunch in the Mensa again, and I really enjoyed my food this time. I had a waffle with some vanilla sauce and chicken kebab with rice. They were both really good, especially for dining hall food. (Again Eatery, take notes) We left lunch rather quickly because some of our German group members were waiting to practice our presentation. We got a few quick rounds of our individual parts in before we had to head down to the presentation room. The nerves really started to take off when it was time to pull the order of when we were going to present. We obviously wanted to present first but we got a spot at second, which I was very content with. Fast forward about 26 minutes later, we went a little over the time but thankfully we got to finish without getting cut off. The relief of finally getting the presentation over was greater than any other and I was ready to enjoy the rest of our day without worrying about research or practicing my script! After all the teams gave their great presentations, we were finally able to give the German students our gifts, some Pitt t-shirts. They were so excited and we all took one last picture together after they put them on. It was a really great full-circle moment. 

Immediately after, we all rushed to catch the tram to change before our last dinner. After a quick change, we walked over to the last restaurant, Ratskeller, and enjoyed one final meal together, even though we look up 4 tables lol, it was nice to be able to reunite with everyone that we met over the course of the trip. I enjoyed my first schnitzel of the trip which was actually a lot better than I expected it to be. It honestly looked like a big flat chicken nugget to me lol. 

After the last supper together, we headed back to the hotel to start packing, considering that we would be out all day tomorrow. It was sad to start putting my stuff away but I’m excited for the adventure we have planned for tomorrow. I’ll check back in tomorrow after Salzburg!

Signing off, 

A very relieved Sydney 

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