Sightseeing in Salzburg – Day 12

Last full day in Germany, so so sad :(. We started off our day early getting lovely covid tests and thankfully they came back negative. Those 15 minutes after the lady tickled my brain was very nerve-wracking but we ended with a celebratory Starbucks trip before we headed back to the hotel for breakfast. We all went and showered and got ready to catch our train. When we arrived at the platform, we quickly realized that our train was delayed by 60 minutes, not a great start to the day of travel. We then realized that there was another train heading to Munich that was only leaving in a few minutes and ran a few platforms over. We got a few funny looks as the 17 of us ran together through the train station but all that matters is that we caught the train lol.

After arriving in Munich, the chaos did not stop there as the next train we got on was having some mechanical issues. We got off the train and then got back on the train after walking down a few cars because the issue was fixed. After about 20 minutes, we were finally on our way to Salzburg. The train that we took to Salzburg was really nice, nicer than anything I have been on in the states. When we finally arrived, we went to find a nice restaurant to eat at, in typical fashion. We ate at this kind of upscale restaurant, it was nice but probably one of my least favorite meals of the trip. I guess I just wasn’t used to having an Austrian burger as opposed to an American burger lol. 

We finished our meal and quickly set out to conquer the day, as the delays and technical difficulties had cut into our day quite a bit. The main attraction we had planned for the day was the fortress and the plus3 students from 2019 had told us to go. On the way, we passed by these beautiful gardens that we couldn’t help but stop and take a few pictures of. It was such a peaceful area and one of my favorite parts of the entire day. I think it just goes to show that sometimes the unexpected parts of your plan can end up being the best parts. 

phoebe and gang at the gardens

It was a very hot day in Salzburg, probably the hottest day out of the entire trip so we stopped for a coffee and gelato break. Leave it to the Americans to always find a Starbucks. I was glad though that our break allowed me some time to get some shopping in, including another magnet for my mom. At this point, we split up and explored separately because again, it is really hard to do everything that everyone wants to do. Me, Soph, Shreya, and Semira stopped by a few cute little booths where we bought some jewelry. We then headed up another lift to the fortress, but this wasn’t like the other one we took up to the alps (thankfully). I felt a little more comfortable in this one and didn’t haven’t to worry about the cable breaking lol. Once we got to the top of the fortress, the view was absolutely beautiful, we took some pictures with the breathtaking view of the city in the background. As for the fortress itself, it was pretty cool, I think we enjoyed the view more than we enjoyed the actual fortress itself, but nonetheless, it was a nice experience. It was also pretty hard to navigate, we got lost a number of times but ended up finding our group and leaving with them. Unfortunately, the day had gone by so quickly and before we knew it, it was time to start heading back towards the train station. The walk back felt a lot longer than the walk there but I think that was only because we were so tired lol. 

the view from the top of the fortress
the group at the top of the fortress

We ended our trip just like how we started it off ironically, at McDonald’s. All was well until the police checkpoint back into Germany on the train back took too long and we ended up missing our connecting train in Munich. Luckily, another train that was heading towards Augsburg added a stop so we ran to hop on that train before it left in two minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to step into the lobby of the hotel. After another long day with all 4 of our trains having issues, I think we were all ready to hit the hay. With the delays aside, I’m glad we used our free day to explore somewhere new while it’s as easy as just hopping on a train. Now I’m off to pack but I’ll check back in for my final blog post, a reflection of our trip! 

Signing off,

A train exhausted and sad Sydney 

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